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About Tac-Art

This blog is about my art-work which I started by making photos and graphics.


The idea of making photos for Tac-Art came in 2005, when I started to make photos of flowers and other things in nature. They are split in – just nature – , – from air – and – fleur op moment (perks ups) -
The latter is my new project; a report that always goes on. Fleur op moment means a moment of happiness, which I hope to make with each flower of my report. Each year I make photo’s of my own grown flowers. Every new year they are different than the year before. That is what life is about, nothing is exactly the same but still beautiful. My skills as a photographer also change, with the result that my pictures become more beautiful.
I have two older projects which I call ‘just nature’ and ‘from air’. I put them later on this blog.


My graphics have their own story. I used to make graphics, just because I love to make them.. And then I gave them away. I do not have any backup copies of these graphics for which I am sorry. So now.. I make copies. Soon I will put some of my old and new graphics on this blog. My newest designs are made for the logo’s of Activieta, Weegpunt, Gewichtige Punten and Tac-Art and the pictures on the websites.


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